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Chinese duo
19Ju Wenjun joins Hou Yifan in the lead, Dzagnidze and Muzychuk are catching up with the Indian players, while Khotenashvili and Kosteniuk hope for better in the upcoming rounds. There is always something going on and we, spectators, organizers and chess fans alike are the spoiled ones!

The central and, perhaps, the most awaited game, Hou Yifan - Koneru Humpy, ended in a draw after the Chinese missed a great winning chance at the critical moment. The first two draws from the previous days gave the Georgian player, Nana Dzagnidze, the necessary confidence to break the ice and she scored her first victory, reaching a big tie for the third place. For her compatriot though, Bella Khotenashvili, the start of the tournament is confronted with more obstacles. Although she defended until the last drop of energy, after yesterday's defeat against Hou Yifan, Bella lost to another Chinese player, Ju Wenjun, who now joins her colleague in the lead. As for Antoaneta Stefanova, she proved, or at least it looked very convincing, that she truly recovered from her health problems by winning an impressive game against Zhao Xue.
Hou Yifan grabs sole lead
41The vintage of history is forever repeating and today we witnessed Khanty Mansyisk reloaded - Hou Yifan is in sole lead with a perfect score: two out of two, just like on Siberian grounds, which hosted the 4th FIDE Women GP! And yet, the history of yesterday's black day for Black became brighter in the second round: two important victories for the defenders of this colour, one for Hou Yifan herself and the second for Harika Dronavalli, who proved that knights can be stronger than bishops, even in open-type positions!
Elina - the Armenian celebrity
Elina chess portraitIn case you missed Elina's interview, placed under the 'media tab-interviews', here it is, once again! Today she is facing Harika Dronavalli with Black.

Elina has been included on the list of the most famous Armenian women of the 20th century. This is a direct consequence of the popularity of the royal game in her homeland.

Armenia is one of the fortunate countries where chess, to no lesser extent than football, is one of the dominating sports. Armenian chess players are very well known in our country and it frequently happens that they are recognized on the streets and greeted with respect or even asked for autographs. I had this pleasant kind of experience, too.
Warming up
2A promising start of the tournament, with all the games ending only after the complete exhaustion of resources. White won three games and Black held a draw in the remaining three, a good percentage of decisive games and great fights for our eyes, too. Perhaps the players just started to warm up, as missed opportunities were hovering in the air, making the tournament, the game of chess and, on a larger scale, women chess – an exciting but also a hair-rising competition.
FIDE Women GP series 2013-2014
banner smallA beautiful lake hidden in the surrounding mountains, with lots of ducks and swans feeling at home, clouds and woods offering a shelter against Georgia's torrid sun - welcome to the natural paradise in the, for some, Terra Incognita of Lopota! If we add the comfort at the highest European standards, we get the picture of the perfect peaceful place for meditating or playing chess and can only wonder why Georgia is not on the tourists' must-see-list.
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