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"We don't make promises, we achieve results"
10341546 1446615085577314 5912387458155057205 nIt is time to ring the curtain down on the FIDE Women GP and redirect our attention towards the man behind the scenes who took his time to step forward, offering us an extensive interview - Deputy Sports Minister, ECU presidential candidate, GM and a family man: Zurab Azmaiparashvili.
Elina - the Armenian celebrity
Elina chess portraitIn case you missed Elina's interview, placed under the 'media tab-interviews', here it is, once again! Today she is facing Harika Dronavalli with Black.

Elina has been included on the list of the most famous Armenian women of the 20th century. This is a direct consequence of the popularity of the royal game in her homeland.

Armenia is one of the fortunate countries where chess, to no lesser extent than football, is one of the dominating sports. Armenian chess players are very well known in our country and it frequently happens that they are recognized on the streets and greeted with respect or even asked for autographs. I had this pleasant kind of experience, too.

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